Sunday, October 9, 2011



I have been doing a ton of it,... everyday!! Quilts, pillow covers, bunting,... I even made a little zipper pouch the other day. (I'll show you that soon)


Some things for me. Some things for the preparation of my Etsy re-opening.


Some things for testing,....

(I'm gonna test this some more) ;)
Trying it out


Six quilt tops and three pillow covers here. You may see some of these popping up in my Etsy shop soon.


This is a little sewing I did to spruce up our pretty boring bedroom decor. Chevron seems to be all the rage these days but I will tell you that I will probably never try zig zags this small again. I started with 3" squares and I'm not sure I really thought it through. SO many bunchy, bulky seams and tiny little HST's when all was said & done. It sure did turn out pretty though!

As soon as I finish some of these WIP's, I'll let you all see them! Promise.

Tomorrow,... pictures from the State Fair of Texas!