Monday, July 6, 2009

{Monte Carlo - Recap}

Hi there! So my parents were in town last week, hence the lack of posting. I have some pictures to upload and share, but since I haven't gotten to that part yet, I will share some old pictures I took in Monte Carlo last year. These are pretty old, but gorgeous nonetheless.

This is the view from our amazing hotel room!!!

We stayed at the Monte Carlo Bay, Hotel & Resort right on the water! GORGEOUS!!

We stopped at a street market in Nice, SO colorful! We did bargain for two lovely water colors that I ended up leaving in the airport in Paris on accident :(

Look at these sweet little animals snuggling and hanging out.
It was March, 2008 and it was pretty chilly most of the time that we were there. That didn't stop people from laying out a blanket on the rocky beaches and hanging out for the day! It also didn't stop me from enjoying a refreshing mojito either! :)
Here are some fireworks on our last night there. The roof on the banquet room we were in opened up completely and the show began.

The whole time we were there I kept thinking about Grace Kelly and how cool it was that I was enjoying some of the same sights she had enjoyed!

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