Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{I Forgot About My Garden!}

My husband and I worked on our yard a few weeks ago and I completely forgot that I walked around taking pictures of everything to share with you!

Our little hydrangea. I never saw these growing in Texas but they are EVERYWHERE here. Come to think of it, they were growing like crazy in South Carolina too!

These awesome bubble-y, float-y pond plants are new and just totally cool right?? You just drop them right in the water and they float around and are supposed to get HUGE. You can also see some of our fish very faintly in the back there.
The homeowner before us was very unique with the decorating and the backyard was filled with all kinds of nick knacks, garden statues, pots, things hanging on the fence,... etc. This little pirate ship was left behind and resides on the fence above the pond and, well, I thought it was pretty cute.

This is a little teeny tiny strawberry! About the size of a dime. Okay, it's not a REAL strawberry, you can't eat it, but it sure does look cute growing in my garden.
We worked on the front yard too. :)
Whaaat??? That IS my front yard.


  1. it looks ready for a garden party! beautiful!!

  2. This post reminds me that I need to get out and take pictures of our cherry tree-it's oh so very Mary Engelbreit...