Saturday, July 3, 2010

{South Carolina Vacation - Part 1}

Okay,.... I really love blog posts with tons of pictures and I'm even guilty of sometimes skipping over the story and just looking at the pictures. But I don't like it when I can't pick a reasonable number of pictures for my own posts, so I'm also guilty of the occasional picture overload. I'll try to keep the commentary short on this one. ;)
My husband and I met up with my parents at a beach house in South Carolina for a week of relaxation. We spent a bit of time at the beach every day, some time at the house sewing and watching movies, a little time shopping and a lot of time eating.

I love the picture above and that cute little girl in the background.
My Guy.
My Dad.

I was like a kid at the beach. Every so often the waves would bring in these little tiny clam-ish creatures by the hundreds. They would scatter all over the sand and once the water washed away, they would dig themselves into the sand. It was fun to watch them all wiggle their way into the ground. If I were to collect them from the beach and bring them home (which I didn't) they would have opened up like the ones in this picture that I found on the deck of the beach house,... little butterfly clams. Cute.

Of course, we built a sand castle,... well, kind of. It's one of those drippy sand creations. Turned out pretty cool, it even had its own pond. :)

Under Armour, at the beach.
Beautiful sunset from the house porch. So fun, so relaxing, so great to see my parents. Have any of you ever been to South Carolina beaches?? We were near Myrtle Beach. Do any of you have any exciting summer vacation plans???

Like I said, there was some creating going on at the beach house. Sewing, quilting, crocheting and an overload of movies. It. Was. Perfect.

Stay tuned for South Carolina Vacation, Part 2.

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