Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{Simply-A-Bloom Quilt}

Well Ladies (and Gentleman??), I'm not really sure what I was waiting for to show you my most recent completed quilt. It's been done since my trip to the beach,.... remember?
So, here you have it! I made this using the pattern by Miss Bloom and Simple Abundance fabric by Bonnie & Camille. Can you stand it??? Honestly people, this is really the first quilt I've made for myself to keep (excluding my very first ever quilt,.... ever).
I LOVE it! It has been on my bed, on the Tide Point Deck for July Fourth fireworks, on the hill for Flicks on the Hill. It's just perfect!

My next to complete is the Wild Thing quilt I started,.... even before this one was started I believe!

So, on a side note.... my husband sensed that I have been a bit busy and stressed out recently and told me I needed to take a day off and spend it at the SPA!!!! For REAL! NO,... I'm not kidding! This Friday, I am taking a personal day just to relax, no husband, no friends, no animals, no plans, no crafting, no work... just me and my SPA DAY!!! I canNOT wait. Rest assured, I will be back to let you know all about it and how relaxed I feel after. :)
XOXO Jessie

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